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dope care

dope skin. dope hair. dope care.

dope cream

 ahh the dope cream is a heavensent. literally doing wonders for my poor acne skin, thankyou xx

jess carsonn

dope cream

for me personally is one of the best products on the market. helping with eczema and providing results that prescribed products could not. not only is it great for my eczema, but my skin has never felt healthier and hydrated!

garry scott

dope cream

i love your dope cream!! i've been using it every day and my skin looks and feels amazing! I'm not even wearing makeup every day now, and the days i do i wear heaps less. 

meg allanadale

eco toothbrush

i have had this toothbrush for 5 months it doesn't bristle.  the best investment and best for the environment. 

samantha manovski

dope balm

omg the balm has already helped my hands, i've literally applied it twice and it's already shown results, it's amazing. 

jessy hair

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