landscape of dope alchemy

Our brand name is an amalgam of terms; both ancient and modern.

dope:  symbolises the fusion of it’s meaning: A thick liquid or lubricant, or a medicinal, herbal substance. It also takes reference from the slang adjective “dope” that emerged during early Hip-Hop culture, meaning ‘to be excellent, impressive, amazing or extraordinary’.
alchemy: With etymological origins in Egyptian, Greek and Arabic and culture, alchemy is an early form of chemistry centred on the transmutation of earth and its matter. The term Alchemy also expresses a philosophical approach to life in having the ability to take something ordinary, and transform it into something extraordinary. 

alchemy of the earth and within
of the earth
Our products are created from organic, natural, hemp and plant based ingredients.
dope alchemy partners with the Earth to create luxurious handmade, multipurpose, head-to-toe and eco conscious cosmetic formulas.

Each ingredient is selected based on its potency, functionality, and effectiveness to deliver nourishing products intended for all humans to obtain a 
natural skincare and self care routines. 

alchemy within
self care, self love, mindfulness.
dope alchemy is dedicated to empowering people through promoting the knowledge and practises of self care, self love, and mindfulness through daily ritualisation. 

plant extracts
Our ingredients and extracts have existed on earth since ancient times. Each extract is selected based on their constituents, potency, functionality, effectiveness and safety to deliver nourishing products.  the plant based ingredients are certified organic intended to adhere to being high quality and high end eco-luxe products. 

green chemistry
Each product is manufactured with ecologically sustainable practises. We focus on management and minimising our environmental footprint, to benefit the people and planet. The brand considers the environmental effects short term and long term.  This is why the products are handmade in small batches in NSW, Australia. 

eco packaging
dope alchemy endorses eco friendly packaging. Our products are packaged within glass jars and bottles with aluminium lids that can be reused in your home or recycled. dope is currently working behind the scenes on eco-refilling systems for selected products to further embody dope alchemy’s wider philosophy on how we manage our environmental footprint and impact on the planet. 

ethical choices 
Our products are vegan and cruelty free. We condemn the exploitation of animals. We do not test on animals or purchase any ingredients that are tested on animals. Our approach is to adhere to sustainable, ethical and organic principles. These principles include well-sourced, sustainable, high quality, organic, ethically made and fair trade ingredients.