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Seed Of Self

Tell us the story behind the birth of Seed Of Self:
Tell us the story behind the birth of Seed Of Self: Energetic attunement has always been a natural part of my life, the matriarchal side of my family has a strong lineage of highly sensitive women coming from the Romani people of the Iberian Peninsula (Gyspsy Women). This has been sprinkled throughout my life through the women in my family’s innate, clear intuitive abilities and an eerie awareness that I’ve held since I can remember. Previously I was working as textile artist, curator and writer holding too many exhibitions a year in Melbourne and Sydney with a focus on transferring touch through my hand embroidered artworks to the touch of the viewer (my work was poetry based and the viewer had to unfold the fabric in order to read the prose. I always hoped that through this touch and reveal of my intimate poems I would cause some emotional shift in the viewer, open some energetic door. About 4 years ago I saw a brilliant healer (after a few not-so-great energetic healing experiences) Abbey Fox - her work literally saved my life and I experienced more healing and clarity than I could have in years of psychotherapy. Now I use Reiki energy as a more direct connection to affect emotions and vibrations in my clients.

What is Reiki energy balancing:
What is Reiki energy balancing: Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that uses the healers connection to source energy (universally available power) through conscious connection and sometimes physical touch. Reiki healers are mostly empathetic, sensitive types we are naturally intuitive and have been attuned to be able to hear, sense, cultivate and move energy in the body and the aura. Once you’re attuned to this universal healing force you can sense subtle changes in the electro magnetic fields of the body and organs (also referred to as the aura) we use these senses to clear and enhance the energy stored and blocked in the body and aura. You will leave a session feeling grounded, renewed and often with my work strengthen and empowered.

What is Mineral healing and how does it work: Mineral healing is another term for using crystals to enhance Reiki energy and also to use minerals own natural healing/clearing/grounding properties to assist with growth and returning to ones true self. Crystals have been used as healing tools throughout centuries and across tribes and continents while their resurgence is currently on-trend these powerful elements have held their own in terms of healing capabilities from Ancient Egypt to Australian Indigenous communities to the now age.

What’s the importance of energetic healing and mineral healing in today’s society: It’s imperative, we’re so utterly disconnected from each other and from our selves. Energy work is a way to recalibrate and ground so that we can operate from a more authentic state of being thereby, being reactive in a way that reflects our true values and desires. This change in each individual will lift the vibration of all people who come into contact with a graceful, grounded soul - it creates a ripple effect of truth and calmness. Also, we’re so heavily entwined in technology and electricity - phones and computers, fluorescent light and environmental toxicity also effect our energy and aura so it’s important to clear this. Clearing residual EMF from these sources feels kind of like de-frizzing, you move from a space of disorientation to clean perception and awareness.

What is Seed Of Self philosophy:
Seed of Self says that you aren’t broken, you are already perfect. Everything that you need to heal and become more bright exists within you. This exists as a seed that you can sometimes become disconnected from or are quietly unaware of. My work acts to awaken and blossom this seed so that you come back to your own natural, perfect and thereby, most radiant, successful, open-hearted and clear sense of self.

Give us a lowdown on your workshops:
My upcoming Seasonal workshops will consist of Yin yoga infused with Reiki energy healing and auric cleansing. We use crystals, smokes and a mini reiki healing while stretching with meditation and pranayama (breath work) practices to send you on a journey deeper into your self so that you emerge more conscious, more attuned and in right relationship with your self.

What are you five tips for grounding and raising your vibration:
Placing your feet on a selenite wand when you’re relaxing at home - keep one close to your comfy space and just tap into source through this moon stone whenever you can. Yoga as devotion (to whatever you choose) and in preparation for: Meditation and Pranayama, first thing, every day. Listening - to your self, to those close to you, to your wishes, desires, hurts and moving from a place of understanding. Compassion.

What are the best crystals for protection and grounding: Grounding - Selenite, Amethyst, Sunstone. Protection - Shungite, Black Tourmaline, Amphibole.

Where are you situated and how can people book a session with you:
I work from Fitzroy and South Yarra and you can book in via Instagram, email or 0433 634 400.

What are your favourite influential books, movies of documentaries: I definitely lean more towards being influenced by written word - - Letting Go and Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins both books talk scientifically about

the energetic frequencies of emotions and truth, the latter is his PhD dissertation on the theories of Kinesiology. - Bringing Yoga to Life - Donna Farhi real life, self-help and awareness. - The Secret of the Yoga Sutra - Samadhi Pada, ancient wisdom for current high vibrational living. - A Spy in the House of Love by Anais Nin just because it is the most majestic thing ever. And always poetry by Rimbaud and Auden.

Words of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and future business owners: It’s okay for this to be a side hustle, even for a little while - having a day job provides you with skills and awareness in order to run your own business that you otherwise would have no access to, it also helps to bankroll any new ideas or training and allow you to conduct your business from a place of security. And a tip from my life coach friend Siobhan Cassidy - keep anchors in your daily life (mine are tattoos, a bracelet engraved with SATTVA - Sanskrit for the energy of harmony, grace, balance) as little reminders of the path that you’ve chosen and to keep walking it, always in your right direction.

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